Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

This splashy update with Edina and Patsy is very much your mother’s Ab Fab. And proud of it.

The popular TV comedy, which ran on and off for some 20 years, has segued, most of the cast in tow, to the big screen. Edina and Patsy are still obnoxiously crashing fashion shows, spilling their drinks and drugs, trying desperately to keep the party going. They’re over injected, under benevolent and still, thanks to the terrific Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, hysterical and loveable. Here, not just desperate to pay the bills, but also bounce back to the top of the PR game, Edina tries to nab Kate Moss as a client to disastrous results. Most of the movie swirls around their attempts to not just fix what happened, but to, once again, come out on top.

Fans of the show will gasp with delight as familiar faces show up (they sure did, loudly, at my screening); almost everyone will gasp at the new faces who have also signed on to appear, however fleetingly, in this movie. I won’t give away any of the fun, but while some around me were oohing and aahing over supermodels, I was grinning ear to ear to see Dame Edna show up for the fun.

And yes, that’s what this movie is: fun. Nothing more and not much less. The plot is a goof, the costumes, the jokes, the whole thing is a goof, really. Except, as it has always been, this is one very self aware goof. We may laugh out loud at Patsy stumbling to the sink each morning to sink syringes of some anti-aging something haphazardly into her face, but we’re laughing because we get it. Getting older isn’t for babies. It takes guts to grow and still, my darlings, be absolutely fabulous.

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