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This sentimental romance may not break your heart, but it sure is very easy on the eye.

Brad Pitt stars as a World War II intelligence officer, arriving in Morocco to team up with a French Resistance fighter, Marion Cotillard. Their assignment? To take out a local Nazi big wig, while posing as loving husband and wife. Of course, we know these two are made for each other. But, when Max is told his new bride is actually a Nazi collaborator, he must wonder if, indeed, their love is real.

There’s a lot going on here: action, both big war-y and more personal. Our newly wed couple’s baby is born during a London Blitz. A German plane crash lands next door, disrupting their gathering of artists and intellectuals. And when Max defies his superiors and goes behind enemy lines to investigate his wife’s past, we are taken into the dark and threatening streets of Occupied France. It all looks great, thanks to Don Burgess’ cinematography and Robert Zemeckis’ experienced, visually compelling story telling. And let’s not forget a shout out to Joanna Johnston, whose costumes are a vintage lover’s dream.

There will be those who buy the melodramatic ending; I’m not one of them. Although I love a good cry, I wish writer Steven Knight had brought the kind of bleak toughness of his terrific Locke or even Eastern Promises here. Now that would have been more interesting, challenging, even. But this is not a movie that wants to push any buttons. It wants to go down as flavored and cozy as a well steeped cup of Earl Grey. For some, that may be just their cup of tea.

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