Avengers: Age of Ultron
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 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Talk about feeding the beast. Josh Whedon’s never dull chapter in the franchise is practically bursting at its seams, relentlessly serving up just what the fans of this brand are expecting.

There’s a story in here somewhere: Tony Stark tries to design a peacekeeper out of some snazzy looking artificial intelligence and, as would have it in these adventures, things quickly spin way out of control. So, the gang must stop fighting the usual suspects and now add this nasty Ultron to its universal list of international and intergalactic enemies.

Is it too bad Whedon didn’t push for a tad more originality and snap in his continuous loop of frenetic action? Yes. Is it disappointing that the female characters aren’t given much more to do than support their men? You bet. And is it too bad we don’t get to see the always super James Spader instead of just hearing his velvety lethal Ultron voice over? Well, of course.

Still, it’s kind of cozy to join a reunion of the got-it-down-pat Downey and Ruffalo, the beautiful Johansson, a surprising Renner, the he’s-supposed-to-be-bland Evans and super specimen Hemsworth. We even get a few former co-stars along for a scene or two. And Elizabeth Olsen, clipped accent and all, makes a firey entry. In the few scenes the actors actually get to act, all seem game and good company. But the frenetic pacing of the huge, effect enhanced fight scenes is really what defines this “Age”. While I appreciated the quick nods to Banksy and Eugene O’Neill, this movie has clearly been designed to entertain its pre-sold fans with quite literally tons and tons and then even more tons of big, blasting fun.


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