Captain America: Civil War
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Captain America: Civil War

There’s a lot of something for everyone in this standardly super, superhero movie.

Swaggering in with the self confidence of the hit it will be, this chapter barely bothers to catch us up on the backstory of the collection of enhanced do-gooders. Or are they? Seems the gang has been running into some collateral damage trouble, having assumed its own authority and now, international governments want to keep them in check. But, as it happens, not all the team’s on board with that.

Happily, thanks to well shot and choreographed action scenes, some brief but effective super navel gazing, snazzy reboots of signature gimmicks and references to Mark Fuhrman and The Manchurian Candidate, this lengthy installment does cover a lot of bases pretty well. While not all the previous players have shown up here, there are a few cute surprises that keep us entertained. And even Mom’s heart is going to melt just a little bit when we discover why Tony Stark fights to the finish despite his less violent intentions.

And, yes, let’s talk about Tony a minute. While it’s almost a career necessity these days for fine actors to sign on for these box office busting champs, not all of them bring the same kind of heat that they might in some other roles. But Robert Downey Jr., who has made his own inimitable icon out of his assigned legend, seemingly can’t help but make every word, every glance, something surprising. Some in the crowd may go for the super special effects, but for me, Downey continues to be the superest of them all.

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