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Going into this movie is just like going into any other reunion. We’re all a little nervous to being with, you can’t help but notice everybody else looks a little older, and, pretty soon, maybe a drink or so in (in this case, a half hour or so of exposition), we’re surprised to find ourselves having a ball.

It’s been over ten years since the boys from Queens first strode down the boulevards of Hollywood. The HBO series followed them into all shapes and sizes of stardom, love and devotion. And, while some seasons were far more successful than others, a loyal crowd grew to really care about Vinny, Eric, Johnny and Turtle. We even kind of loved superagent Ari. This new meetup could have been a disaster, but, under the watchful eye of creator Doug Ellin and his own entourage of original writers and producers, along, thankfully, with the irreplaceable cast, the familiar romp grows into a sweet trip for everybody.

Naturally, now, Vinny wants to direct. Johnny still wants to be a star. Eric and Turtle continue to try and balance their professional and personal lives. And it’s all kind of comfy to catch up with them until, of course, Ari shows up. While Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara cozy into roles they could (and have) play(ed) in their sleep, it’s Jeremy Piven’s Ari who, once again, spits fire and somehow loveable fury. While regulars from the series show up, along with a remarkable roster of cameo appearing stars, it’s Billy Bob Thornton, in a small role and particularly Haley Joel Osment who, along with Piven, give this grinning good time it’s real juice.  

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