Going in Style
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Going in Style

This remake is kind of like the Sweet N Low of old guy caper movies: not exactly the real thing, but sweet enough to get the job done.

Ted Melfi (Hidden Figures)’s script, along with Zach Braff’s direction, tips this triangle on its ear a bit. While the billed stars are Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine, this is very much Caine’s movie and that is no mistake. Because while we’ve seen Freeman and Arkin play their roles before, Caine digs in and makes his ripped off senior not just fresh but kind of adorable. In a set up that assures no surprises, we’re still delighted to watch Caine’s Joe take revenge on the bank that’s stolen his pension. And yes, it’s nice that his friends decide to come along for the ride, too.

And how nice is it to see some lovely actors show up in small supporting roles? Keep your eyes peeled for Joey King, Matt Dillon, John Ortiz, Kenan Thompson and you won’t be able to take your eyes off (still) of Ann Margaret. But this feel-good comedy isn’t about them, it’s about the three main men who, as written, allow three veteran super stars to prove they’ve still got it going, in style.


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