Jason Bourne
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Jason Bourne

When was the last time I was surprisingly engrossed by so much incessant, full throttle action?

This Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass reteam may not add a whole lot of plot to the narrative, dialogue, either, but the story does shoot for and nail it’s blood-filled points, mostly thanks to a whole lot of very well shot spectacles. We meet up with an almost mute Bourne, (a still buff and limber Matt Damon) struggling with his identity issues, now living on the lam. When his former partner Julia Stiles shows up, warning him about his past, all hell quickly breaks loose, leading to the inside CIA team of Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander to either bring him in or have him killed. There’s not a whole lot of sense being made here: how does Bourne survive, hop on trains, even eat, when he can’t even grab a bag as he high tails it from one international location to another? Call me crazy: I care about things like that. And we do get to see nemesis Vincent Cassel pack what he’s packin, if you know what I mean.

This long-awaited addition to the franchise goes light on soul, but pedal to the metal on jaw dropping chases, assassinations with gusto and fists flying to the gut. The anxious identity search that gave heart to the Bourne series is sideburnered here, leaving most of the angst stuff to a few misty flashbacks and a file hacking opportunity. Could that have been  a decision made purposely by debuting screenwriter Christopher Rouse and director Paul Greengrass (star Matt Damon is also credited as a writer), preferring to concentrate on the slamming action sequences that, although improbable, can’t help but draw us in? Serious Bourne fans will, undoubtedly, miss the nuance and inner drama brought to earlier chapters penned by people such as Tony Gilroy and Tom Stoppard, but when what we’re watching on the screen is as dynamite as it is here, a whole lot of people aren’t going to quibble.

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