Miis You Already
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Miss You Already

I’m obedient. I cried. But it wasn’t a good cry.

I will confess to wanting to cozy up to this one. A story of lifelong friendship between two women, starring two actresses I’ve admired, the behind the camera team led by female veterans. So why did I wind up feeling cheated, that the story shortcut the true complications of longtime friendships, favoring the push-button drama of cancer and dying?

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette star, Drew’s Jess the plain Jane loyal follower of Toni’s snazzy Milly. Milly’s the one whose enhanced one nighter with a roadie leads to a glorious life of money, career, happy marriage and kids. Jess is toughing it out, seemingly several paces behind. We never see Milly show much concern for Jess and she sure isn’t going to woman up after being diagnosed with breast cancer. But, of course, Jess does, babysitting, helping choose a wig, escorting her drunk pal away from the birthday bash that loving husband planned to a wild weekend in the Moors. Eventually, Jess gets fed up but we’ve been sitting there a while already, kind of like Jess’s good-guy working class husband, wondering how she can still stand the so-called greatest pal who is so self-involved she doesn’t even notice that her lapdog is quite obviously big-time pregnant.

It should be noted, I suppose, there is some measure to try and deal with this inequity in the plot, but that’s all cursory at best. The goal here is to prove that at least in this case, the women’s friendships are more key, more essential than the ones they have with their parents, husbands and children. That may be true for some women, but for them, I hope at least that friendship is one based on something close to equal and mutual respect.


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