Mother's Day
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Mother's Day

It is with a heavy heart I ask, “how does a script like this even make it to the big screen?”

Look, I’m a mom. I’m a woman who’d like to see more major features directed toward the female market. And I can be known to shed a tear or two over a mushy moment. But this story (with credits to 4 people) and screenplay (credits here for 3) is so thin, stereotypical, I can’t help but wonder if it’s going to set the whole let’s get some women on the big screen movement back on its already teetering heels.

A game Jennifer Aniston is the cog in a wheel of white people problems, all happening in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood on Mother’s Day weekend. She’s disappointed/thrown/devastated/pissed off to discover her ex has married a hot younger woman, one who has the gall to want and step up as a step mother. Kate Hudson, sporting what I can only assume is her new sportswear line, runs around trying to forget she is estranged from her American flag adorned RV lovin mom. There’s a sister who’s gay, a young comic and his girlfriend who won’t marry him, even though she’s born him a daughter, because she hasn’t met the mother who gave her up for adoption. Jason Sudekis is the widowed dad of two and Julia Roberts shows up as a home shopping magnate who’s really not happy because she doesn’t have a child. Am I leaving anybody or anything out?

This is the third in Garry Marshall’s holiday series of romantic comedies and let’s hope he moves on to better material. As usual, he does wrangle some nice moments from just about all of the big stars who’ve shown up to hang out with him, but all deserve something stronger than this. At one point, the always wonderful Margo Martindale moans, “And I put on a bra for this?” Honey, I know just how you feel.

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