Sausage Party
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Sausage Party

This “secret life of groceries”, like so many other Seth Rogen movies, is a congenial mess of the outrageously funny and the bong-induced lazy drags. But this animated adventure (very adult animated adventure) is also one of the season’s most unique and ambitious deliveries.

With more than a tip of the hat to Pixar’s advances, this comedy brims with soul, and a most R rated sweetness. The action revolves around Frank, a packaged sausage who, along with his girlfriend Brenda, a neighboring hot dog bun, and assorted others, can’t wait to be chosen to go home to the promised land. Discovering life outside the supermarket ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, Frank and his friends must spread the word and save themselves from the people who, in reality, only want to eat them.

It’s a winking spin on so many children’s stories, but with Rogen and company at the helm, you know there’s going to be a whole lot more going on than that. Yes, we can’t wait for hot dog to get inside of bun, (and the results are astonishingly worth it) but we also root for bashed ‘furter Barry to find his grit, as well as Sammy Bagel, Jr and Mr. Vash to find world peace, at least on the ethnic aisle. To get there, of course, we must sit through a bumpy road of mixed results. With a running time of 89 minutes, no movie should feel long, but this one often does.

Still, this party serves up some very tantalizing treats. I may not always go along with Rogen’s insistent drug induced pacing and I wish his movies didn’t sag in the middle, but this is a filmmaker who consistently delivers a surprising morality tale, tailored for the young and the brave. We’re lucky he’s here, a standout in a sea of sequels and reboots.

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