Suicide Squad
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Suicide Squad

Please let the record show I actually kind of dug the first 20 minutes of so. It was the rest of this movie that did me in.

David Ayer, who wrote and directed, spends a decent amount of time introducing us to his three main Super-villains, you know, the characters with big star names attached. Will Smith does more in his introductory scene in a prison cell than he gets to do in the rest of the movie as supershot Deadshot. Margot Robbie is memorable as well, caged and hungry, but once she starts talking, in rollercoaster accents, her Harley Quinn becomes just another fabulous looking lady in love. And don’t ask me why she’s in love with Jared Leto’s Joker. He scared the bejesus out of me, but I was impressed with Leto’s gusto. From afar, thank you.

Yes, there are other villains ousted from prison to take on supernatural bad guys. But we don’t waste a whole lot of time on them. A few of the actors don’t get to do much which, in a couple of cases that’s a blessing for us. As for backstories, we don’t bother with a whole lot there either. Everybody stinks and we’re supposed to be fine with that, end of story.  Well I, for one, was horrified to find that one of the semi-supporting guys we’re supposed to root for purposely killed his wife and children (no accidental death haunting this guy as has been the plot of so many other movies). 

Moving on, because that’s what we’re expected to do having learned such information, we enter the explosives part of our program. Yes, there are a lot of special effects and superhero bonding. Everybody’s supposed to walk out happy, which, I suppose only means we’ve got more suicide to come. Interpret that as you will.

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