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Inside Out

Do you have to be high in order to laugh here? No, but for a whole lot of this movie it sure feels that way.

Seth MacFarlane has reunited much of the team from his original and often very funny 2012 hit. Now, Ted and Tami-Lynn (an adorable Jessica Barth) are trying to have a baby. When stealing Tom Brady’s sperm doesn’t pan out, Ted asks his life long pal John (a still wonderfully game Mark Wahlberg) for a donation. For various reasons, nothing works and Ted suddenly finds himself not just childless, but stripped of his personage by the State of Massachusetts. And so we meet newbie lawyer Sam, played by Amanda Seyfried. Not only is she going to win for our lovably profane hero, but she’s also going to win John’s heart. We know this because the minute they meet, the young and beautiful Sam pulls a bong out from under her desk. I mean, who could ask for anything more?

It’s really too bad MacFarlane relies so much on the weed breaks he slots so often in this movie. Not only do they s l o w the fun, they feel repetitive and lazy. And, as we have seen in so much of his work, when MacFarlane tries, he really can deliver some very funny and, as is his signature, topically targeted stuff. The elegant title sequence in this movie, where Ted, dressed to the nines, centers a production number worthy of Fred Astaire, is beautifully constructed and fun.  Comic-Con and Arizona State fans may wince, but who’s not going to appreciate the added-in-post references to Ferguson and Bill Cosby? And yes, even some of the stoner jokes, like the lyrics for the Law and Order theme song, work. Let’s just not get addicted to those, though, ok guys?


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