The Space Between Us
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The Space Between Us

It’s been a long time since I have seen a movie this confounding. What in the hell is happening here? And who the hell did they think would be the target audience?

It took three writers to copy and paste story lines from other movies and come up with a “new” script. Basically, a boy is born on Mars. But he wants to know about the mother who died giving him life, so he finagles his way to Earth, taking off for an adventure of a lifetime. He teams up with a pretty teenage love interest, there’s NASA types on their tail, but of course the kids know best and they wrangle their way toward the place he thinks his mother lives. Or lived. Or something. There’s a mysterious seer, the kid’s surrogate space mom may have a thing for the mysteriously Earth bound project director, the boy starts mysteriously not feeling well. Or I guess it’s all supposed to be mysterious. Even though the plot is clunky and piecemeal, you know what’s coming from miles away. Which at least does lessen that old Space Between Us, I guess.

Director Peter Chelsom keeps the tone family friendly, which might have made this a interplanetary/lovestory/adventure for the younger set. But, if the aim is to get tweens into theaters, why insist on having the two odd-duck kids not just have sex, but have the camera linger on the twosome as they writhe on the rocks? Is this something parents want to share with their ten year olds?

For the record, Asa Butterfield does as best he can with the shall we say hopefully unique role of the Martian-boy. Pretty Britt Robertson, who patiently loved him and lost him also in A Dog’s Purpose, gets to do the same thing here, but this time, occasionally with a scowl on her face. I’m always happy to see Gary Oldman and the younger-looking-every-day Carla Gugino, but they, and we, deserve better.

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