Train Wreck
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Train Wreck

Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck is anything but. Baudy, assured, realistic and mature this laugh-out-loud comedy is a delight.

Collaborating with the also slyly savvy, raunchy and writer-of-what-he-knows Judd Apatow, Schumer’s semi autobiographical story hits a lot of pungent targets. Don’t be surprised if, in between howls of laughter, you find yourself wiping away a genuine tear or two.

Schumer’s “Amy” writes for a Maxim-esque magazine and winds up assigned to profile the top orthopedic surgeon to the stars, played by a nicely understated Bill Hader. Amy and Aaron hit it off, and she, who was coached early on by her departing father that monogamy is dead, is terrified. Who isn’t going to, in some small way, relate to that, even if the best-friend warning you not to screw up isn’t LeBron James?

Relatability is a magic key here, allowing Schumer and Apatow to throw in some hilarious sex scenes, poignant adult child stuff and even a few oh-no-she-didn’ts. We may not like all of what Amy does, but we understand and like her. And, safely, we kinda know where we’re going to wind up. That safety net isn’t always up in Schumer’s standup or cable skits. Happily, though, she has not had to sacrifice her signature soul for the big screen. There’s still plenty of barbed wire in this domestic coming of ager.

Schumer’s success isn’t just in what she writes, it’s also in her performance, which is on point throughout. And what a fabulous ring of supporting players she’s got to play with! The biggest surprise may be James, who seems as confident on screen as he is on court, with razor sharp comic timing. But it’s a joy to see people like Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Ezra Miller and Mike Birbiglia slam dunk their shots. And don’t even get me started on Tilda Swinton who is so startingly hilarious I’m hoping Amy writes her Dianna a movie of her own.

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