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Pro tip: do not name your movie ‘Unforgettable’. People, you’re making this much too easy.

This tepid thriller boils, or should I say, simmers down to become a movie for people who hate Katherine Heigl. Playing an Ice Queen out for revenge now that her hunky ex has a hot new love, Heigl has chosen to step right into the kind of unforgiving personality that has dogged what started out for her as a promising and notable career. Yes, Christina Hodson’s ho hum of a screenplay offers a few explanations for Tessa’s behavior, but any real attempt at fleshing out this one-note bitch gets lost in the sauce of this soppy re-tread of so many other movies from this over-played genre.

It’s especially disappointing that this movie, made by mostly women, is so trite and flimsy. Does every mom/stepmom relationship have to be hostile? Can’t two adult women ‘man up’ and figure out a way to get along? There are men on the screen, but they aren’t given much to do. And two of them look so much alike, at least as they are presented in a series of gauzy dream-like sequences, I couldn’t tell who was who. Maybe that was kind of the point, but my point is that I didn’t care.

For the record, Rosario Dawson does the best she can with a reactive role. And she looks beautiful. Which is more, sadly, than I can say for many of her female co-stars, nearly all of whom look so botoxed and filled, they look unnaturally bloated and kind of silly.

It’s not this film’s fault it is debuting on the heels of the far superior and somewhat similar Big Little Lies. But this fatal not-so-attractive attraction feels like an endeavor that the women who made it settled for, something far less than they could and should have delivered.

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