Why Him?
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Why Him?

Why this?

This shovel of re-spin from the Meet the Parents gang skews the dynamic: instead of Daddy being the loony one, we’ve got daughter marrying a shall we say off-beat young man. Middle class parents now meeting the Silicon Valley gazillionaire and they’re the ones freaking out.

Bryan Cranston stars as a mid-west middle aged dad, struggling to keep his paper company afloat in a paperless society. He’s a good guy, who loves his wife, his kids, his friends and he’s tap dancing around a potential bankruptcy. Sad.

James Franco, replaying the same goofball he’s played as well many times before, is the inked up rich guy who’s not just super successful, he’s also stolen the heart of Daddy’s number one girl, the daughter who’s become a bit more icy since she started at Stanford. Cool.

Ah, but fill 111 minutes we must. So there are all sorts of gags to gag us, including exploding urine filled room sized sculptures, Mom (an underused Megan Mullally) rediscovering her love of pot and two up close and personal experiences with water spraying toilets.

I’m not saying I didn’t laugh a few times during this Meet the Boyfriend raunchfest. There are, indeed, a few funny moments. Sadly, there are too few, with writer/director John Hamburg and team relying on overplayed stuff and the usual sloppy drug/debauchery/physical comedy time wasters. We’ve seen just about all this before and most of it just isn’t funny the millionth time around.

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