Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is so super, you could almost forget how important it is. But I hope you don’t.

Yes, this newest standalone addition to the DC Comic film world is great entertainment. Taking the heroine back to her mythic roots and into the gruesome depths of World War I, this is very much an origins story. We see how Diana was raised on an island of all women, Amazons, who train her to become an invincible warrior. When an American pilot crashes near the shore, Diana learns about the lands beyond her very sheltered one and decides to leave. It is, she feels, her destiny: to save the world from the most evil of the Gods, firm in the belief that when he is dead, there will be no more war.

We got a glimpse of how terrific Gad Gadot would be when she stole the show in Batman V Superman, but nothing has prepared us for just how awesome she is here. Yes, of course, she looks amazing, but this actress fleshes out this superhero with a warm strength and magnetic gravity that is both undeniable and star making. And Chris Pine, who earned deserved acclaim for Hell or High Water, is terrific: funny, solid and a dandy foil.

Jenkins has staged screenwriter Allan Heinberg’s scenes with bold and impressionable strokes. Outstanding are an early fight that has Robin Wright and Gadot (and, I assume, their stuntwomen) giving the MMA world a run for its money, a better-than-usual effect laden finale and a battle that I’ll be damned if it doesn’t offer a respectful salute to Saving Private Ryan.

So, yes, this is the best of the DC comic book films. And, especially now, just how great is it to see a strong, independent woman soar, both on screen and off? Of course, it takes a village to create any film, but this team of Jenkins and Gadot proves women can make a blockbuster that’s gangbusters, with heart, soul, inspiration and, indeed, wonder.

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