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Now You See Me 2

This aiming to please caper may not have the initial wow

factor going for it, but there is still some fun in the mix...

The Conjuring 2

James Wan’s method to the madness cannot be denied.

He sure knows how to scare the terrified giggles out of you...

Me Before You

No surprises here, except for the fact that this melodrama plays as winningly as it does...

The Nice Guys

This one’s a cheerfully violent blast to the past

that’s as comfy as a broken in go-go boot.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Could this be the most socially aware gross out comedy in, maybe, ever?

Captain America: Civil War

There’s a lot of something for everyone in this standardly super, superhero movie.

Mother's Day

It is with a heavy heart I ask, “how does a script like this even make it to the big screen?”

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy, you’re breaking my heart.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

There’s sure no joy in Gotham tonight, boys and girls. Because this bloated

bust takes all the fun out of what could have been a flashy and fiery mash- up...

Zoolander 2

Yes, it’s ridiculous. It’s supposed to be...

Hail Caesar

Why don’t we leave the Coen Brothers’ 1950’s

Hollywood studio comedy walking on air?

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Michael Bay efforts to keep the politics out of this movie, but, really, how can you

keep the politics out of a movie about the terror that happened at Benghazi?

The Revenant

Gorgeous to look at, this romantic survivalist

revenger has the heart of an ice pick...

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarentino’s latest homage mashup hits

a lot of familiar notes, but where’s the fun?

Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens

J.J. Abrams has, for the most part, taken the safe

road, not re-inventing the wheel, but building a solid,

respectful and, at times, darn entertaining reboot...


It’s awfully hard for me to not find some joy in this imperfect movie about

a daring woman who digs deep and soars. You got a problem with that?

Son of Saul

Son of Saul stands as one of the most extraordinary films ever made about the Holocaust. The fact

that it was made by a first time filmmaker makes it one of the most extraordinary film debuts in years...

In the Heart of the Sea

Ron Howard’s clunky telling of how Herman Melville

researched Moby Dick is an ambitious slog...

The Big Short

Adam McKay has delivered an energetic, highly entertaining

movie that could be titled ‘The 2008 Credit Bubble

Burst for Dummies’. That dummy would be me...


Don’t go assuming this is just another undercard in the Rocky series. After a

somewhat predictable start, Ryan Coogler digs in to deliver what is undeniably

a hit to the heart: the most emotionally satisfying crescendo of the year...

The Danish Girl

Buoyed by two remarkable performances, this is a film that becomes

increasingly alluring once it puts its (great looking) clothes back on...


Todd Haynes’ immaculate film sweeps us away, but not for the reasons I was expecting.


An action extravaganza of diminishing returns, this Bond chapter

left me a little bit shaken, but definitely not stirred...

Miss You Already

I’m obedient. I cried. But it wasn’t a good cry.


While Tom McCarthy’s beautifully crafted film about the Boston Globe

investigation of the sex abuse in the Church is very much of a

time and place, it also couldn’t be more important now...


Set in the 1950’s New York borough, this especially charming, beautifully

made story of an Irish newcomer sweeps us all off our sensibly clad feet...

Bridge of Spies

Deliberately not reinventing the wheel, Spielberg and esteemed

company have delivered an absorbing, feel good historical drama...


This remarkable adaptation is unnerving, intimate and surprisingly cool.

You’ll be as moved, curious and safe as you might want to be...

Steve Jobs

It’s fitting, I suppose, that a movie about the complicated man behind

Apple be complicated as well and, in that sense, this adventurous

Danny Boyle/AaronSorkin spin succeeds. But, is that dazzle enough?

The Walk

Robert Zemeckis, retelling Petit’s most famous walk,

creates his own art, with a 3D mastery that is nothing

but depth defying and beautifully sweat provoking...

The Martian

This genuinely thrilling sci-fi thriller about smart

people is also sensational entertainment...

Black Mass

While the whole is less than the sum of its parts, this retelling

of the Whitey Bulger story sure has some magnificent parts...

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Even if it isn’t as much of grabber as the TV series,

Guy Ritchie’s reboot sure gets points for style...

The Gift

This chilly chiller has a lot more on its mind than only getting you to jump out of your seat...

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

You sure get your bang for the buck with this one.


Perhaps the funniest thing about this silly sequel is the

shock andhorror some are expressing in its wake...


If you can hang in there an hour and a half, this latest Marvel installment

does, finally, deliver. But why do we have to wait so long???

Train Wreck

Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck is anything but. Baudy, assured,

realistic and mature this laugh-out-loud comedy is a delight...


This movie is as bad as it looks. Director Tarsem Singh never wrangles

Alex and David Pastor’s mess of a mélange into anything comprehensible...

Magic Mike XXL

Proving it’s not just looks, but heart, the effectively packaged but very

uneven entertainment delivers a few things that are just darn irresistible...

Ted 2

Do you have to be high in order to laugh here?

No, but for a whole lot of this movie it sure feels that way.

Inside Out

There’s no real way to prepare yourself for the flat out marvel

of Inside Out, the Pixar release that not only revives the studio’s

  legacy, but the whole concept of family entertainment...



Jurassic World

Not much happens in this chapter’s first hour or so. And then all hell

breaks loose, delivering exactly what you bought those tickets to see.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Shooting a burst of much needed oxygen into the current

scene, this very lively winner thrives on its unabashed love of

film and innovative yet poignant storytelling...


This is the movie we Melissa McCarthy fans have been waiting for:

a sweet, silly and stealthily smart spoof that delivers genuine laughs...


Boys will be Boys. You were expecting Shakespeare, maybe?



Aloha is a word with many meanings. In the case of Cameron

Crowe’s latest film, it’s definition can only be “whaaaa?”...

Pitch Perfect 2

It may not be well, you know, perfect, but this harmonious sequel still sings...

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