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Oh, Amy.

For the record, Amy Schumer is just an actress-for-hire in this at best ordinary mother/daughter alleged comic adventure. So is Goldie Hawn. So, maybe it’s not their fault this movie is as much of a, pardon the expression, bust as it is, but isn’t it far past time writers and directors for hire come up with better material for terrific comediennes and their audiences?

Here’s the deal: Emily’s been dumped. She’s got these non-refundable tickets to Equador or somewhere and Mom’s the only loser with no other plans. Linda’s wary enough to know there are kidnappers around, but still, the two get kidnapped and it’s up to them (with the help of a few other people thrown in to fill up 90 minutes) to screech, giggle and kill their way to freedom. 

The double entendre (even using that French here classes up this joint far more than it deserves) title gives you a not so subtle hint at the level of sophistication in the writing, credited to Katie Dippold of the female Ghostbusters script. And, speaking of wastes, why hire Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack and hardly let them do anything at all?

For what it’s worth, Schumer has her moments. And it’s a treat to see Goldie Hawn, who manages to bring an almost respectable gravitas to this dizzy mess. Both women deserve better support from their off-camera team, which, apparently thinks if you’re crude and loud enough about it, that will get people laughing. Not me.


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