Ford V Ferrari

Ford Vs. Ferrari

By Joanna Langfield

James Mangold’s latest is a racing movie fueled by its terrific camerawork and two even more terrific stars.

Based on a true and integral part of professional car racing history, one might think, from the title, the key players here are Henry Ford, Jr and Enzo Ferrari, vying automobile manufacturers. But the focus, instead, is on two men who work for Ford, brought on to develop a sports car that will not just win the 1966 Le Mans but bring a new energy to the whole brand. Matt Damon plays the racer turned designer Carroll Shelby, Christian Bale, the hot headed, uniquely talented driver, Ken Miles. As we’d expect, there are lots of ups and downs between the corporate heads and the hired hands, but the actual thrill comes when Miles gets behind the wheel. Cinematographer Phedon Papamichael brings us right there with him. You may find yourself clutching the armrests as we all take the twists and turns, passing cars spinning out along the way.

Mangold takes great pains to make sure the two main characters are fleshed out enough that we root for them, not just to accomplish the corporate feat, but to conquer their own demons. Time is spent on family and friend stuff, but thanks to the savvy performances of both Bale, who is magnetic, and especially Damon, superb in the less flashy, more grounded of the roles, we almost don’t need anything else.

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