The Boss Baby: Family Business

By Joanna Langfield

Don’t complain if someone in your family wants to watch this. Because this sequel truly is aimed for family business, bright and kid-friendly, but with enough meta jokes and classic rock songs to make it work for all ages.

Tim and Boss Baby have grown up now. While one brother has made a fortune in business, the other is a house husband (huh!) and currently mourning the separation that seems to be taking place from his pre-teen daughter. There’s a whole lot of story happening around all this, but who cares about plot points? There’s a bad guy and some family healing that needs to take place and that’s just about all we really need to know.

Well, maybe not. There’s also the cast, a terrific collection of actors who bring all the right stuff. James Marsden and Alec Baldwin return as the not so brotherly love team and they’re both a treat. So are young Ariana Greenblatt, Amy Sedaris, Eva Longoria Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel. But maybe the most fun is Jeff Goldblum, who brings his signature and very unique style to brighten the most ordinary of professors with a (bad) plan. In fact, his voice work is so delicious, I can’t help but wonder: why isn’t Jeff Goldblum in every animated film? Now that would be boss, baby.