Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spiderman 2

By Joanna Langfield

Fun. Remember fun? Thankfully, the MCU does and serves it up big time for us in this new chapter, one designed not just to entertain, but to make the transition into the new generation.

Tapping into Tom Holland’s contagious charm, we all get kind of psyched as Peter Parker plans his true love confession while on a class trip to Europe. Who wouldn’t root for the skinny sweetie, out to woo his possibly too cool for school, maybe out of his league, the could be unobtainable M.J? Oh, but, even if he’d prefer to not deal, we can never forget Peter has those special, actually super talents, and now, with the death of Tony Stark, aka Ironman, who’s gonna lead the superheroes? Who’s gonna save the world?

Written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, the story is a jolly mash up of teenage summer trip and Earth shattering threats. Director Jon Watts keeps the two and a quarter hours moving along, despite a few slight dips. Familiar players like Samuel L. Jackson, Jon Favreau and Marisa Tomei do their thing, although I wish the alluring Cobie Smulders was given more to do. A game Jake Gyllenhaal shows up early on, and handles his requirements nicely, but it’s far more of a hoot to watch Holland, the great Zendaya, the adorable Jacob Batalon, along with the game Angourie Rice not just hold their own but make their marks despite the competition from eye-catching special effects and two (!) action sequences that aren’t just well done, they’re actually interesting.

Oh, and the post credit scenes? They’re terrific. Not going to give it away, but they got me, a not necessarily superhero freak, actually surprised, curious and actually looking forward to seeing what happens next.