Justice League

Justice League

Had this super-cast superhero consolidation not come on the spectacular heels of “Wonder Woman”, I guess it would have been just another good enough chapter in the DC series. But it has. And, especially in comparison, this team effort feels less joyous, more uninspired.

Director Zack Snyder keeps things running smoothly enough, starting with a rather hot damn opening involving Wonder Woman kicking up those boots again. Time is taken to get us up to speed with heroes we’ve met before, as well as introduce a few new ones. Ezra Miller’s Flash is fun and I liked the goofy energy Jason Momoa brings to Aquaman. We’ve got another CGI villain, another big stomping seethe named Steppenwolf, who is so devoid of any unique personality, my mind kept wandering back to other, more entertaining usages of that name, ranging from Hermann Hesse novels to legendary music bands and theater companies.

As I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for fans, and the fans are who this movie is clearly made to please, the plot relies on the standard superheroes saving the world thing. Don’t @ me if I’ve said too much.

It’s entertaining, even bordering on sentimental enough to see Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons and Diane Lane again, no matter how short their time on screen. But, as it was when she had her own dynamo chapter, Gal Gadot as Diana/Wonder Woman steals all their thunder. She’s just perfect in what has become a groundbreaking role and long may she reign.

But. I certainly hope that both Gadot and the character she plays, along with every other female around, gets to be treated with the respect she deserves. There is one scene, where Wonder Woman, back to us, is talking to some others. The camera stops, low, inviting us to stare at Gadot’s buttocks, clad in tight leather. There’s some controversy as to the costumes worn by the Amazons in this film. But this is not that. It’s at best dated sexism that has to stop.