June 18, 2022 by

I wanted to see this estranged father daughter drama because I am a long time fan of Thomas Haden Church. I come away from it now also a big fan of Dianna Agron.

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June 7, 2022 by

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

As much as I wanted to enjoy this modest production about the most immodest thing of all, sexuality, I couldn’t help but feel a little let down.

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June 2, 2022 by

Rocky, but basketball. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Hacks: Season 2

May 10, 2022 by

Having already established the story and the characters, our reunion with the veteran standup and her protegee runs deeper, funnier and is as curious and it is self-assured.

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April 30, 2022 by

A specific tale of the 1960’s, this story of an unwanted pregnancy could not echo more profoundly than it does today.

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Ozark, Season 4: The Final Episodes

April 27, 2022 by

Think you know what’s going to happen? Yeah, so did I.

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Barry, Season 3

April 21, 2022 by

Among the many gifts Bill Hader delivers in this fabulous new chapter of his series is that, in picking off almost exactly where he left us, it feels almost as if the last two years never happened. How great is that?

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April 15, 2022 by

My Brilliant Friend Season 3

There have been some excellent series lately. And then there’s been My Brilliant Friend. Based on the Elena Ferrante Neopolitan novels, this is a glorious piece of profound, searing beauty.

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The Dropout

April 10, 2022 by

Now that all 8 episodes have dropped on Hulu, this gangbuster of a series makes for a terrific binge. Because this story of true, brutal ambition is impossible to stop watching.

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Deep Water

March 16, 2022 by

This erotic thriller is the kind of flick that will make you ache for the days when you could hang out in the theater lobby afterwards and talk it out. Because while this one may or may not run deep, it’s fun enough to want to hash out, even if the fun in watching just skims the surface.

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